Types of Online Business Degrees

Online business degrees are some of the most popular types of online degree programs. Business degrees can help you build a career in almost any industry, because it is so often beneficial if you have a good understanding of business principles. And of course, if you decide to go into business for yourself, a business degree can help you by increasing the likelihood that you’ll be successful as a small business owner.There are many different kinds of online business degrees, and each of them will help you get into a different industry. Here are a few of the most popular types of business degrees you can find online.Bachelor’s Degree in AccountingIf you are good with numbers or are interested in the financial aspects of business, you should consider a bachelor’s degree in accounting. As an accountant you will be able to keep the books for businesses, which means you will keep track of income and expenditures. You could also become a tax accountant, helping businesses to file their taxes correctly, and (if you are good at it) helping them to save money on their taxes as well.Bachelor’s Degree in EconomicsStudying economics gives you a great wealth of information related to how to run a business. Since you don’t run a business in a vacuum, understanding how the economy works, and how it affects your business, is very important. This degree can help you get a professional job as an economist or another type of businessperson, but it is also helpful if you plan to run your own business. This degree seems applicable today given the state of our economy.Bachelor’s Degree in FinanceLike accounting degrees, a bachelor’s degree in finance is incredibly useful and important in the business world. The finance industry is huge, and there are many opportunities for those educated in finance: Banks, insurance companies, retirement service companies, and other financial companies are always looking for educated, experienced employees to support them as they grow.Bachelor’s Degree in ManagementGetting an online business degree in management is an important step in preparing you to manage a business and its employees. We’re not talking about being a shift supervisor at a fast food joint, we’re talking about getting into high powered management positions at professional corporations. A bachelor’s degree in management is the first step toward opening these doors in your career.Bachelor’s Degree in MarketingBusinesses can’t exist without marketing, so a bachelor’s degree in the subject is one of the best online business degrees you can pursue. Companies are always stepping up their marketing efforts, thereby creating job security for you. Additionally, there are a multitude of niche areas of marketing that you can get into: visual marketing–such as photography and graphic art, and writing marketing copy–such as the work done by advertising copywriters. Having a degree in marketing will also help immensely if you ever decide to operate your own business.Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA)If you want to know all about how to run a business, a master’s degree in business administration would be a great choice for you. Commonly known as an MBA, this is one of the most popular online business degrees out there. Do you have a bachelor’s degree already and feel you need more to complete? Having your MBA can greatly improve your career possibilities and your earning potential, not to mention your chances for success as a small business owner. This degree encompasses many business subjects and therefore you become a more well rounded business professional.Many Online Business Degrees to Choose FromAs you can see, there are many business degrees for you to choose from online. Moreover, online business degrees are becoming much more accepted in the business world as employers and educators alike realize that it is possible to offer the same quality of education online as it is in a classroom. If you are thinking about pursuing your business education online, be sure to first browse through the types of degrees you can get, and make sure that you choose a degree that will ultimately support your career goals!

Social Bookmarking

This article will explain what social bookmarking is and how it can benefit your website. Social bookmarking is a method of Social Media Optimization or SMO, which will also be explained.Some major social bookmarking websites will be referenced as examples of how to submit your article, blog, or comment to the sites. You will understand how to use social bookmarking as a device to network and draw traffic to your website. Finally some proper techniques will be described in which to optimize your article for the social bookmarking sites.Social Media Optimization Social bookmarking is an online advertising method classified under Social Media Optimization or SMO. SMO fits under many web 2.0 websites for an in depth article on Web 2.0 programming please visit http://www.gameznstuff.com/blog/?p=15.Search Engine Optimization or SEO is optimizing for the search engines using such techniques as building link popularity. With SEO you are catering to robots and or spiders from search engines that crawl your website which index and classify a ranking for you site depending on various factors such as getting out of what is know in the Google world as the sandbox, a waiting period by Google to be index then ranked. Another is keyword density within the content of the web page you have to beat a certain percentage to be number one. Even how long you have been on the Internet is a factor in search engineplacement. So with this factors, Search Engine Optimization can be a slower method to get visitors or traffic to your website if your goal is to get high keyword placement with the search engines, especially with Google.Social Media Optimization or SMO is advertising to obviously the social media. Thus the quality of the content becomes a major factor in getting ranked within a social bookmarking website. With social media optimization there is no focus on how many times a keyword phrase is used on a website, you don’t have to wait to get ranked or get out of a sandbox and they don’t care how long your website has been up. The goal here is to impress other people, live humans rather than robots, as would be the case with search engine optimization. So social bookmarking is to tag, bookmark, share, digg, etc. with other social networking sites. To read more about social bookmarking please visit the blog at blog.prosperlearning.com/ecommerce/?p=19Delicious The most obvious example of what social bookmarking is for the site delicious the address of which is del.icio.us. Delicious is a social network directory. This is how it works with your local browser you have the ability to add to your favorites or to bookmark a web page depending on the web browser you have on your local machine. The restriction here is that in order to access your favorites or bookmark you save you have to be on your local PC. This causes a problem if you are on a business trip and you need to access a particular web site you have saved on your local computer but have forgotten the web site address. With a social network directory you are able to retrieve the given web site you need from any machine that you can receive the World Wide Web on. Another feature is tagging, in order for Delicious or other social bookmarking directories to produce the most accurate results needed, you need to make sure to tag all your stories you bookmark. Because social bookmarking directories are searchable tags work as keywords needed for individuals to find the result they need. Because with other tag your story and other tag their story and so forth the method of tagging helps to reduce the problem of spamming which processes more accurate result, basically the result you want. To read more about Delicious and how it work please visit blog.prosperlearning.com/ecommerce/?p=17Digg Digg.com goes beyond just being a social bookmarking site but it also incorporates the elements of blogging and syndication. Here you can submit websites, blogs, stories, comments, and articles in the Digg community. The thing here is you don’t submit the entire website, blog or story you give a sentence or two summery of the story then it is link to the actual website, blog, story and so forth, so it create a direct link in an of itself to your site or blog. Within the Digg community users will dig a story a give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Obviously the more thumbs up you get the best rank you will be in the community, if you get too many thumbs down you will be put into a dig all area and if not dug within this area your article or blog can be and probably will be removed.The following is a perfect example of the benefits of creating a quality article and submitting it to a site like Digg.com. Go to Digg.com and do a search for Ubuntu Tutorials, then revise the search to include “from all time” and “sort by most digs” The article entitled “Ubuntu Tutorials” has around 980 Digs with it which obvious mean it is quit popular in Digg. Keep in mind the 980 digs are direct and don’t take for account How many time the article was dug by the 980 other people whom originally dug the site. As a result the owner of the article has been receiving more the 1,000 unique visitors a day from the article submitted to Digg alone.Here is a list of more social bookmarking web sites.1. http://www.blinklist.com2. http://www.blinkbits.com3. blogmarks.net4. http://www.connotea.org5. de.lirio.us6. fark.com7. feedmelinks.com8. http://www.furl.net9. http://www.linkagogo.com10. ma.gnolia.com11. http://www.newsvine.com12. http://www.netvouz.com13. http://www.rawsugar.com14. reddit.com15. http://www.scuttle.org16. http://www.shadows.com17. http://www.simpy.com18. smarking.com19. http://www.spurl.net20. tailrank.com/share21. http://www.technorati.com22. wists.com23. myweb2.search.yahoo.comTechniques to get your story, article or blog optimized for the social bookmarking sites. You must first create the story used for the social bookmarking web sites. The key is to write a quality story that is informative and actually give useful and desired information to the readers. Because if you don’t write a quality story that story submitted will not last long with social bookmarking directories. Another technique that actually helps you with the search engines is to deep link your story. Deep linking means using your major keyword phrases to link to appropriate web pages on your web site. Doing so will help build link popularity for you web site you’re trying to get ranked with the search engines. To see a great example of deep linking please visitsc.prosperlearning.com/tpls/internet/library/eComMod_28_final_v2.0.pdfThen you tag or bookmark you story or blog or whatever you wrote to make it available on the social directory for other to view it. Last but not least make sure you repeat this process at least a couple of time a week to improve you chance and gain popularity on social bookmarking sites, which in turn helps to draw traffic to your website.